Dover Amateur Radio Club


Amateur Radio Licences

There are three types of licence available:

  • Foundation it allows you to use up to 10 watts, using commercially made equipment. The exam is about safety, operating and preventing interference.
  • Intermediate allows to use up to 50 watts and to build your own equipment. The exam is about construction and calibration, and licence conditions.
  • Advanced allows you to use up to 400 watts and to supervise others. The exam is more in depth about electronics, propogation, and licence conditions.

Each licence requires applicants to pass an examination. The foundation and intermediate licences also require applicants to take proper courses as it involved practicial elements.


The Dover Radio Club holds all 3 training courses:

We can also provide morse training on request

Please take a look at these pages for more information.

9 Passes on the 2015 / 2016 intermediate Course!

Back Row Left to right - Julian lucus, Aaron Coote, Carey Humphries, Barry Oldfied, Jules Vine, Gary Corkett, Bradley Woolett, Raymond Parker.  Bernie Dowling missing from photo. Well done to all!

4 Passes on the 2015 intermediate Course!

Well done to Nick, Paul, Laura and Kevin who worked hard on the Intermediate exam, hope to hear you on the air, and see you @ DARC.

Foundation Course Success!

Well done to all of those on the Foundation course which has just ended. The exam was held on the 10th September 2014. We are pleased to report that they all passed, and look forward to seeing them at DARC soon.

Foundation Sept 2014

From left to right:
Harry Newman; Ross Birch; Michael Dewing; Derek Taylor; Julian Vine.