Dover Amateur Radio Club

photo of Dover Castle


Information about Dover Radio Club Membership

Dover Radio Club has been in existence since 1968. Members generally come from the local area, and visitors are welcome whenever they are in the area.

The primary benefit of joining our radio club is that you will be in touch with other amateurs living in the area.  Many of these have expert knowledge in a variety of topics, and will be only too pleased to help you get the most out of your hobby.

Most weeks there is activity at the club.  The club meet each Thursday evening from 7pm.  These range from talks given by club members or from invited guests, practical sessions and on occasions when the weather makes this possible we go off to local RF friendly locations and operate.

In addition to the Thursday meetings we also hold some weekend events.  We regularly operate from the South Foreland Lighthouse.

The club own several good quality HF Radios, an IC-7100 for DSTAR and 4m and a mixture of antennas and equipment for use at special event stations and operating on a Wednesday evening at the club.

The club has been successfully running ham radio training courses and trainees are encouraged to join the club and take advantage of the special post exam sessions the club runs to help new operators get the most from their new hobby.


The club constitution can be downloaded here:

Dover Radio Club Constitution - Issue 4. .pdf (16KB).